Journal Papers:


J1:  A. Mattioni, S. Zoboli, B. Mavkov, D. Astolfi, V. Andrieu, E. Witrant, P. Frasca, C. Prieur
"Enhancing deep reinforcement learning with integral action to control tokamak safety factor"
Fusion Engineering and Design, 196, 114008, 2023

J2:  M. Mejari, B. Mavkov, M. Forgione, D. Piga
"Direct identifcation of continuous-time LPV state-space models via an integral architecture"
Automatica, 142, p 110407, 2022

J3: M. Malavolta, L. Pallante, B. Mavkov, F Stojceski, G. Grasso et al.  
"A survey on computational taste predictors", 
European Food Research and Technology, 2022

J4: B. Mavkov, A. C. Zecchin, T. Strecker, M. Cantoni
"Modelling and control of pipeline networks supplied by automated irrigation channels"
Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, 148 (6),p 04022015, 2022

J5: G. Grasso, A. Di Gregorio, B. Mavkov, D. Piga, et al.
"'Fragmented Blind Docking: a Novel Protein-Ligand Binding Prediction Protocol"
Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics, 2021

J6: L. Pallante, M. Malavolta, G, Grasso, A. Korfati, S. Mavroudi, B. Mavkov et al.
"On the human taste perception: molecular-level understanding empowered by computational modelling"
Trends in Food Science & Technology 116, p 445-459, 2021

J7: B. Mavkov, M. Forgione and D. Piga
"Integrated Neural Networks for Nonlinear Continuous-Time System Identifcation"
IEEE Control System Letters 4 (4), p 851 - 856, 2020

J8: S Coda et al. 
"Physics research on the TCV tokamak facility: from conventional to alternative scenarios and beyond"
Nuclear Fusion 59 (11), p 112023, 2019

J9: B. Mavkov, E. Witrant and C. Prieur 
"Distributed control of coupled inhomogeneous diffusion in tokamak plasmas"
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 27 (1), p 443 - 450, 2019

J10: E. Maljaars, F. Felici, T. C. Blanken, C. Galperti, O. Sauter, M. R de Baar, F. Carpanese,
T. Goodman, D. Kim, S-H. Kim, M. Kong, B. Mavkov, A. Merle, J-M. Moret, R. Nouailletas,
M. Scheffer, A. Teplukhina, T. Vu, The EUROfusion MST1-team and The TCV-team  
"Profle control simulations and experiments on TCV: a controller test environment and results using a model-based predictive controller" 
Nuclear Fusion 58 (5) p 056011, 2018

J11: B. Mavkov, E. Witrant, C. Prieur, E. Maljaars, F. Felici, O. Sauter and the TCV-team  
"Experimental validation of a Lyapunov-based controller for the plasma safety factor and plasma pressure in TCV tokamak" 
Nuclear Fusion 58 (5) p 056011, 2018

J12: B. Mavkov, E. Witrant, C. Prieur and D. Moreau  
"Multi-experiment state-space identifcation of coupled magnetic and kinetic parameters in tokamak plasmas" 
Control Engineering Practice, 60, p 28-38, 2017


Conference Papers:


C1: S. Kronauer, B. Mavkov, M. Mejari, D. Piga, F. Jaques, R. d'Amario, R. Di Campli, A. Nasciuti
"Data-driven statistical analysis for discharge position prediction on Wire EDM ",
ISEM XXI, Procedia CIRP, 2022

C2: M. Mejari, B. Mavkov, M. Forgione, D. Piga
"An integral architecture for identifcation of continuous-time state-space LPV models "
IFAC Workshop on LPVs, 2021

C3: M. Kong, O. Sauter, TC Blanken, F. Felici, C. Galperti, TP Goodman, GMD Hogeweij, D. Kim, SH Kim,
E. Maljaars, B. Mavkov, A. Merle, M. Reich, T Vu, TCV Team, EUROfusion MST1 Team
  "Real-time control of neoclassical tearing modes and its integration with multiple controllers in the TCV Tokamak"
44th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, 2017